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UE error in LG washing machine

If you see the UE error on the LG washing machine's display, the unit does not switch to the spin option after rinsing is completed. It is noticeable that the drum rotates very slowly, and the number of revolutions does not increase. The washer tries to cope for a while, but, in the end, it freezes. The fault code is lit. Pressing the buttons does not fix it. The UE error means that there were difficulties in distributing the load on the drum, which led to an imbalance. If u are small, the washer is trying to cope with this by adding a small amount of water. There is no need to react here. Intervention is necessary when a large letter U appears, meaning that the unit did not figure it out on its own.

How to fix it on your own

Before calling the wizard, try to get the drum working. Remove some of the heaviest items or spread the laundry evenly with your hands on its surface. Sometimes the error appears due to underload - then it is enough to add a few more things. The problem may also be improper installation when the washing machine is on an uneven surface. The error also occurs due to a temporary software failure. It is eliminated by restarting the washing machine. To do this, it is disconnected from the outlet and stays like this for 10-15 minutes, and then starts again from scratch.

What damage can be?

If the UE error does not disappear after a reboot, this indicates such problems:

Breaking Causes How to eliminate
Spin does not start. The control board is broken. Resoldering tracks or a complete replacement of the board.
During the spin cycle, a strong rumble appears, black oil stains appear on the floor. Direct drive units twitch. Spin does not start. Seal leak, bearing failure. Installation of new seals and bearings.
The drum twitches, the error appears at different stages of the program. Failure of the Hall sensor responsible for the rotation of the drum. Hall sensor replacement.
When spinning, the speed is not gained, then the program freezes. The drive belt has worn out. Installing a new drive belt.

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