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SUD, 5D, SD Error in Samsung washing machine

If the Samsung electronics washing machine shows the error SUd, 5d, Sd (depending on the model), this is accompanied by a stop and termination of the program in the middle of the execution. If you look at the unit, it is noticeable that too much foam has accumulated inside. It can even leak out through the tray. Although it happens that it is not, but the fault code is on.

Errors SUd, 5d, Sd appear in modern models of Samsung washing machines. They have foam control. If there is a lot of it, the suppression function starts. SUd, 5d, Sd on the display means that for some reason foam suppression does not occur and the foam settling standby mode has been activated.

How to reset on your own

Before the arrival of the master, it is worth trying to solve the problem yourself. In most cases, nothing needs to be done, just wait for the foam to settle. Then the wash will start again. Wait for it to complete, and then proceed with the diagnosis. The cause of increased foaming may be a clogged drain filter. Just enough to clean it up.

It is also possible that you need to change the washing powder, this one is not suitable. A lot of foam becomes if you fill it up more than necessary or use a composition for hand washing in an automatic machine. It happens that too much foam accumulates in the tank due to the fact that there are too porous or voluminous things there.

What damage is possible?

If nothing helps, or there is no foam, but the error SUd, 5d, Sd appears, this indicates such malfunctions:



How to eliminate

The error appears in the middle of the program, but there is no foam in the tank. The breakdown code also glows when starting without powder.

The sensor that controls the formation of foam has broken.

Installing a new sensor.

The code glows immediately, in the middle of the loop.

The pressure switch is faulty.

Press stat replacement.

The error knocks out only when washing with powder.

Clogged hose, pipe. Maybe the sewer is clogged.

Cleaning a branch pipe or hose, sewerage.

The error lights up immediately after switching on.

Failure or software failure of the control board.

Soldering board tracks. Much less often a complete replacement is needed.

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