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OE error in LG washing machine

If you see an OE error on the display of the LG washing machine, this is accompanied by the fact that it unexpectedly stopped the program in the middle. At the same time, the water from the tank did not drain and remained in the unit. This DTC is usually knocked out before switching to rinse or in the middle of a cycle. It cannot be reset by simply pressing the buttons. An OE error means the washing machine cannot drain the water for the required time. Depending on the model, this takes from 5 to 8 minutes. If during this time, nothing happened and the water remained inside, the device perceives this as a breakdown. Before calling the service center, you must get rid of the liquid. The instructions say how to drain it manually. Then take out the laundry and start dealing with the problem.

Can I reset myself?

OE error only sometimes indicates a breakdown. First, it is worthwhile to figure out if external factors cause it. It can occur due to clogging, kinking of the drain hose, or contamination of the siphon elbow. The reason is that an experienced plumber solves such a problem in a clogged sewer. It is worth checking the drain filter. It may be contaminated with large objects or lint. The error also occurs due to a temporary software failure. It is fixed by restarting the washing machine. To do this, it is disconnected from the outlet, stays like this for 10-15 minutes, and then starts from scratch.

What damage can be?

Breaking Causes How to eliminate
The water does not drain. The drain pump burned out. Installing a new pump.
After manual draining and restarting, no water is added. Failure of the sensor that regulates the water level - the pressure switch. Sometimes repair, more often pressure switch replacement.
The program freezes after the water has been drained for the first time. Dirty pump or drainpipe.

Pipe cleaning.

The water does not drain.

Control module failure.

Soldering elements. If the cause is in the processor, replace the module.

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