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FP error in Whirlpool washing machine

The Whirlpool laundry machine indicates a drain problem by flashing the code FP on the electronic display. The washing process can be interrupted at any time and an error will be displayed on the screen. In this case, you should immediately call the wizard from the service center. He will diagnose, identify the cause, and eliminate it.

Independent problem solving

The machine will attempt to drain the dirty water after washing, but when this does not happen, the display will show the FP code. Operation will stop and laundry will not be washed. You need to look for the cause in such places:

  • Clean the drain hose and filter, they may be clogged with dirt and prevent water from flowing normally through the drain system,
  • The electrical wiring of the pressure switch or pump is broken, so the signal is not transmitted, ring all the links of the specified electrical network,
  • The pump or impeller is out of order, so you need to replace these parts with new ones,
  • Check the pressure switch if it is broken, it will have to be replaced,
  • There was a malfunction in the electronic board, and it needs to be changed.

You can restore the operation of the electronic unit yourself if you have the necessary knowledge or experience or contact the service center for help.

If you have any questions or want to call the technician, call us (order a call back).