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FE error in the LG washing machine

If you see an FE error on the display of the LG washing machine, this is accompanied by problems during the program. The cycle either stops in the middle of execution or the unit begins to drain and collect water in a circle. Usually, such a code knocks out when water is drawn, although it can appear in other cases.

An FE error means that the washing machine's tank has overflowed and too much water has accumulated - more than necessary. Before calling the wizard, you can try to deal with this yourself.

How to fix it on your own

An error does not necessarily indicate a malfunction. It can appear when too much foam accumulates in the tank. That happens if you fill up poor-quality powder, lay too heavy and porous linen, or put in many things. Exit - Pull out the clothes and let the unit dry after stopping washing.

The error also occurs due to a temporary software failure. It is fixed by restarting the washing machine. To do this, it is disconnected from the outlet and stays like this for 10-15 minutes, and then starts again from scratch.

What damage can be?

If the FE error does not disappear after a restart, this indicates such malfunctions:

Breaking Causes How to eliminate
Water is constantly collected and drained in a circle. The inlet valve is broken. Installing a new intake valve.
The water has drained, and the machine won't start again. Faulty water level sensor. It is also called a pressure switch. If repair is not possible, replace the pressure switch.
The wash was interrupted with a fault code. Water can either drain or remain in the tank. Failure of the control board. Re-soldering tracks. If the processor is faulty, replace the board.
The fault code appears during the program or before switching to rinsing. Then the wash does not start again. Wiring damage. Repair or installation of new wiring.

If you have any questions or want to call the mechanic, call us (order a call back)