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F7 error in Gorenje washing machine

If a malfunction occurs in the system of Gorenje PG1-PG5 washing machines, the operating cycle is interrupted, the signal light starts flashing, and a code is displayed on the electronic display indicating possible causes of damage. It will remain lit until you turn off the device. If this happens, contact the service center mechanic for help. They will conduct high-quality diagnostics, find the cause of the error, and eliminate it.

Error F7 is displayed when there are problems with the water level in the tank during draining. In this case, the amount of water can decrease very slowly or even remain at the same level. The washing machine will try to restart several times, but if the error persists, the wash cycle will be interrupted.

Self-recovery work

The washing machine will not continue washing if this problem occurs. You can try to repair the device yourself.

Problem Source of occurrence Elimination Methods
Pump damage. The drain pump may become clogged with debris and foreign objects or break. Clean the pump of small debris. Especially inspect the impeller of the drain pump, it is in this area that foreign objects that get here from the laundry most often get stuck. Check the pipe going from the tank to the drain pump, if it is clogged, rinse with water.
The drain system is clogged with dirt. Small foreign objects, dirt and fluff can clog the drain filter and hose, so the water from the tank does not drain. Unscrew the filter and clean it thoroughly. Rinse the drain hose, it may also contain debris.
The drain pump wiring is broken. Over time, an open circuit may occur from the pump, so the signal is not transmitted. Ring the electrical network, if necessary, replace the damaged sections.
The pressure switch broke. The water level sensor may fail, so the control system does not receive data on the amount of water in the tank. Check the sensor with a multimeter, also ring all the contacts connecting it to other parts.
The controller has failed. Due to fluctuations in the power supply and other adverse factors, the controller may burn out. Replacing the controller is a complex job that requires some practical skills in working with electronics. It is better to seek help from qualified service center workers.

If you have any questions or want to call the mechanic, call us (order a call back).