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F67 Error in Bosch washing machine

Modern Bosch washing machines have a functional self-diagnosis system. It informs the user about any problems that interfere with the normal operation of the unit. This happens by displaying a specific code on the screen - a specific value is assigned to each malfunction. When the owner sees it, it is enough to decipher the value to understand how to fix the error and what needs to be done.

Error code F67 is rare, but the most unpleasant and dangerous. Its appearance indicates that the control board has failed. This is the most important, necessary, and expensive element in a washing machine. Its repair can be so expensive that it will be easier to buy a new washer. Therefore, problems with the control unit are the most undesirable and unnecessary.

Can I reset myself?

The control board regulates the operation of the washing machine. Even if the unit is fully functional in terms of the mechanical part, malfunctions in the unit finally block it and prevent it from starting. If error F67 is visible on the display, do not immediately get upset. It may just be a temporary software failure of the module. It is fixed with a reboot.

To restart the washing machine, unplug it. That is, pull the plug out of the socket. Let it stand for about a quarter of an hour. This time will be enough for the unit to restart. Then turn on the washing machine again and see the reaction. If the F67 error still knocks out, then, unfortunately, the control unit is still broken.

Such a failure has several characteristic manifestations:

  • The hatch is blocked, the door cannot be opened,
  • Indicator lights do not work,
  • Programs do not start; they cannot be selected.

Repair of the control board is different. First, you need to check the processor. If it is working, then the unit can be reflashed and it will work again. Perhaps the breakdown is due to the burnout of the contacts. With a working processor, they are soldered to restore the operation of the module.

It happens that the processor also fails. Then all the above actions are meaningless. It remains only to replace the control module. It is also possible to determine that the reason is in it by other signs, because the F67 error does not always appear. Any malfunctions in work - lack of spin, constant draining of water after dialling, freezing programs, slow rotation of the drum - a reason to diagnose the board.

The malfunction of the control unit occurs for various reasons. This:

  • Voltage fluctuations. They have a very negative impact on the operation of the module,
  • Water ingress on the block,
  • Sharp wire break,
  • An attempt to reset the error by turning off the machine right in the middle of work.

Rarely, but it happens that the F6 error.

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