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F63 Error in Bosch washing machine

The self-diagnosis system in Bosch washing machines is designed specifically so that the user can fully interact with the unit and quickly diagnose problems. The principle of its work is simple. If some kind of malfunction occurs in the washer with parts or electronic parts, it stops the working program and issues a specific fault code. For each breakdown - a specific value.

If the code F63 is visible on the display of the Bosch electronic washing machine, this means that for some reason the functional protection is triggered. It is accompanied by the fact that the washing machine, when trying to start the program, starts to pass. Another characteristic manifestation of this error is that the unit does not turn on. Since it cannot work normally, the situation needs to be diagnosed.

How to reset yourself?

Error code F63 does not necessarily mean a specific malfunction. Sometimes it appears because of a software failure. Similar situations are not uncommon in our apartments and houses, where power surges often occur. If the problem is indeed a software failure, the error will disappear after a reboot.

To restart the washing machine, simply unplug it by unplugging it from the socket. Let stand completely off for 10-15 minutes. Then try to turn on and start the washing program again. If the error is not shown, then everything is in order.

What can be faults?

If the restart did not help, and the washing machine still does not turn on, showing fault code F63, then a breakdown has really occurred. Functional protection is triggered by displaying such an error, this may indicate such breakdowns:

  • Washing machine processor malfunction,
  • Failure of the control unit,
  • Board firmware failure - it can be reflashed and reinstalled, but only if the processor is working.

Error code F63 is ambiguous. If the problem is really in the control unit, you should not try to repair it yourself. This is the most difficult part in any washing machine. It requires the intervention of a professional mechanic.

Error code F63 also appears for indirect reasons. A common situation is when its highlighting is associated with knocking out the machine or RCD immediately after turning on the washing machine. System protection often works because the control module is faulty, so professional diagnostics are still necessary.

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