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F61 Error in Bosch washing machine

Bosch washing machines, like any others, are equipped with a functional self-diagnosis system. Its presence allows the user to determine that something is not right with the machine as soon as a malfunction occurs. The principle of operation of the self-diagnosis system is simple.

When the F61 error is displayed on the display of the electronic washing machine, this means that the door code is incorrect, that is, it did not close correctly or did not close at all. Such an error is accompanied by the fact that the washing machine does not start washing at all. All because there is no command to close the door. The hatch is not blocked, water is not collected.

How to reset the error yourself?

The appearance of a fault code on the display of the machine is not a direct sign of a breakdown. Usually, its occurrence indicates that for some reason the hatch cannot close. This can happen not only because of a breakdown. Check if a foreign object or piece of clothing loaded in the tank is preventing it from slamming shut. If so, just remove what is in the way and the door will close completely.

When the F61 error code does not disappear, you need to check further. This may be a common software glitch. This problem is solved by restarting the machine. Unplug it from the electricity and let it stand for 10-15 minutes. Then start again. If the error is gone, then the problem is fixed.

Reset is also done by pressing the on/off button. If that doesn't work, try opening and closing the sunroof again. When the error persists, it means that there really is a malfunction.

What could be the damage?

Error F61 is usually the result of such malfunctions:

  • UBL breakdown. This is the abbreviated name of the hatch blocking device. Usually, it is replaced with a new one.
  • Malfunction of the wiring leading to the UBL.
  • Guide broken. In this case, the door cannot lock into the closed position. A problem with the guide will cause the door to skew.It is easy to fix by replacing the element.
  • Hatch handle broken. Some wrap it with electrical tape, although this does not help. The only effective way is to install a new handle.

Sometimes the problem may lie in the control board. Rarely, but it also causes malfunctions. Re-flashing or re-soldering of damaged block elements is necessary. If all else fails, it remains only to replace it.

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