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F60 Error in Bosch washing machine

The self-diagnosis system in Bosch washing machines is configured so that in the event of a malfunction, this is reported by highlighting the corresponding code on the screen. Each individual value has its own interpretation. Only electronic washers are equipped with displays, but electromechanical ones also have a self-diagnosis system. They report problems by flashing certain combinations of lights.

If error code F60 appears, it means that the flow sensor has failed. This element controls the amount of water flow for a certain period. If it breaks, then the control board does not receive the necessary signal to ensure the normal operation of the unit. Usually, error F60 has a characteristic manifestation - water is not drawn into the tank. This is because the sensor does not send the necessary command for this.

How to check yourself?

Despite the decoding, the real causes of the F60 error are not so clear. It has a lot of meanings, and it is not always a direct symptom of a malfunction. Do not rush to immediately call the master. First, you need to check the following points:

  • Lack of water in the plumbing. This is a global problem; it has nothing to do with the breakdown of the washing machine itself.
  • Too low pressure in the water supply system. If it really is, and this phenomenon does not pass through time, you need to invite a plumber.
  • Very large flow of water. This phenomenon is also called turbulent swirl.In such a case, the pressure is too high, and the water flows with great force, which is not normal.
  • Fill valve filter clogged. A common reason why water flow to the sensor is blocked. You can remove the blockage on your own. Often, foreign objects are to blame for pollution, including accessories that have come off clothing.

If even after turning off and turning off the machine again and eliminating all the above problems, the error does not disappear, there is reason to suspect a malfunction.

What could be the damage?

Error code F60 is the result of the following problems:

  • Flow sensor failure. Usually, it is changed in this case.
  • Problems with the wiring to the flow sensor.
  • The water level sensor failed. It is also called a pressure switch.
  • The integrity of the UBL, or the hatch blocking device, has been violated.
  • Faulty heating element. This is an element that provides water heating.

Rarely, but the problem may also be in the control board. Sometimes an error occurs because the module needs to be soldered or flashed.

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