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F59 Error in Bosch washing machine

The self-diagnosis system in the washing machine is designed specifically so that the user can accurately determine the causes of breakdowns and quickly carry out diagnostics on their own. It is easy to determine what the problem is by looking at the error code. It appears on the screen of the washing machine either before starting the program or already in the process of its execution. Each value has its own interpretation and solutions.

Error code F59 means that there is a problem with the 3D sensor present in the Bosch washing machine. It is also called a sensor. Usually, the display of such an error is accompanied by the fact that the washer cannot complete the washing program, regardless of the selected mode. Thanks to the self-diagnosis system, you can independently determine what the problem is, and before calling the wizard.

How to reset an error?

Sometimes it happens that the washer starts to issue error codes, but there is no malfunction as such. Therefore, if you see F59 on the display, try resetting it first. The cause of the appearance may be a software failure resulting from power surges. Because of it, a failure occurs in the operation of the unit, easily eliminated by rebooting.

The restart process is extremely simple. You need to unplug the washing machine from the outlet. Let it stand completely off for 10-15 minutes. Then insert the plug into the socket, turn it on and try to run the wash cycle again. If the program runs and exits normally, no error appears, then the problem is fixed.

What can be faults?

If after restarting the error does not disappear, then there really is a breakdown in the washing machine. Code F59 indicates such problems:

  • Circuit board failure. Due to the violation of its integrity for various reasons, the 3D sensor does not work normally, and an error appears.
  • Sensor wiring problems. It does not function stably in case of oxidation of contacts or burnout of individual parts. Then the corresponding error appears on the display.
  • Problems with the control board. The reason is often a violation of the firmware of the software module. Eliminated by flashing the device. Sometimes you need to resolder individual contacts, although in some cases this does not help either. If the issue is not resolved, you only need to change the board.

It is better not to carry out repairs on your own, because you can only aggravate the situation. It is best to contact a specialist from a professional service center.

If you have any questions or want to call the mechanic, call us (order a call back)