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F44 Error in Bosch washing machine

Bosch electronic washing machines have a self-diagnostic system. So, in the event of a malfunction or problem that interferes with the normal operation of the unit, it reports this with an error code. The corresponding value appears on the display and is usually accompanied by external manifestations. Then the washing process either stops completely, or continues, but incorrectly.

Error code F44 means that the drum is not rotating correctly. Occurs when the electric motor cannot turn it in the opposite direction. In this case, washing cannot continue. The appearance of such a code is accompanied by a complete stop of the washer in the middle of the cycle. It does not respond to button presses or attempts to restart the program.

How to reset an error?

Code F44 does not always mean that there really is a malfunction in the washing machine. This may be a system failure associated with some external manifestations. Therefore, you should not rush to the master, first it is better to conduct an independent diagnosis to identify the causes of the breakdown.

Error code F44 is a consequence of such moments:

  • Drum overload or tank imbalance. Perhaps you have loaded too many laundries at once, more than the weight that the machine is designed for. An imbalance occurs when clothes clump together during washing. All these problems are easily fixed.
  • Clogged drain system. To get rid of the error, just clean the drain hose or filter.Often, they are clogged due to foreign objects.
  • Software failure. Fixed by reboot. It is necessary to disconnect the washing machine from the mains and let it stand for 10-15 minutes. Then turn it on again and try to restart the wash.

If, after all the corrections and checks, error F44, then one of the elements of the machine is faulty. It is he who prevents the drum from rotating normally.

What can be faults?

Code F44 is a sign of the following breakdowns:

  • Triac failure. This problem can be solved by replacing the part. It is carried out only by employees of the service center.
  • Reverse relay failure.
  • Control board failure. A rare but serious mistake, because the software module is the most important element in the washing machine. It can be reflashed or soldered. If that doesn't help, then just replace it.

Also, error F44 occurs because of problems with the engine. If it is defective, then the drum cannot rotate normally. Sometimes it is also displayed because the heating element (water heater) is broken, or there are difficulties with the operation of the sensors.

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