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F43 Error in Bosch washing machine

It is easy to understand that a problem has occurred - then a code appears on the display in the form of a combination of letters and numbers. Often, its highlighting is accompanied by stopping or not starting the washing program.

Error code F43 means that the washing machine motor does not rotate and cannot work normally due to the drum blocking for some reason. Perhaps there were difficulties directly with the rotation of the drum itself. As a rule, a breakdown is accompanied by incorrect behavior of the unit itself. It rotates, but as if through force, or even bounces in place.

What could be the damage?

The appearance of error code F43 is the result of several malfunctions:

  • Incorrect operation or breakdown of the tachometer. This element regulates the operation of the engine directly in the washing machine. If something is wrong with it, the washing machine's electronic system simply does not understand how to proceed. As a result, the code F43 appears. The solution is usually simple - replace the tachometer.
  • Bearing wear. These are rings made of metal that connect the drum and the cross. If the machine is used actively, then they fail too quickly. It is rare that bearings are replaced quickly, because as a result, their wear leads to problems with the operation of the drum.
  • Control board failure. A rare but likely occurrence that can lead to knocking out the F43 code.

It is noteworthy that this type of error is critical. Therefore, if code F43 appears on the display, you must immediately stop washing and do diagnostics. Otherwise, engine fire may result.

What other reasons lead to the error?

F43 does not necessarily mean a malfunction. If such a code is displayed, it is possible that something simply prevents the engine or drum from working normally. The reason can be very banal - for example, a stuck foreign object - a button, a bra bone, other types of accessories.

If the drum does not rotate for this reason, then extraneous noise is heard when it tries to spin. It is enough to check if things are stuck. Inspect the bottom of the drum and tank, walls. Pantyhose, for example, can wrap around the tank.

Code F43 also occurs due to overloading the washing machine when the weight of the laundry loaded into it exceeds the allowable value for a particular Bosch model. Try to take out some of the clothes and run the wash program again.

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