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F38 Error in Bosch washing machine

There is a separate value for each problem. Their decoding is available in the user manual. From them it is easy to understand what the problem is and start diagnosing.

Error code F38 means that a short circuit has occurred in the NTC sensor. In other words, the element that controls the water heating process is faulty. The error is usually displayed in the middle of the wash when a program with a high temperature is selected. The process may or may not start at all.

How to reset yourself?

For starters, remember that a short circuit is a dangerous occurrence. It is fraught with great trouble, therefore, with such a failure, the machine cannot be used. Unplug it immediately and start looking for the problem right away. If the cause is indeed a short circuit, ignoring it will result in a fire.

It will be possible to reset the error when it is associated with software failures. They happen due to power surges and are eliminated by restarting the washing machine. You need to unplug it and let it stand for 10-15 minutes. Then turn it on again and try to run the program. If the error code does not appear, then the problem is fixed.

What can be faults?

If, after rebooting and turning it on again, the wash starts, but soon freezes with error F38, it means that the malfunction has remained, and it cannot be eliminated with one repeated turning on and off. You should not try to restart the unit several times, because a short circuit is a very dangerous, even critical malfunction.

By decoding error F38, the problem is a malfunction of the thermistor, also called the NTC sensor. It controls the process of heating water and regulates that it does not warm up more than the specified temperature value. So, this element controls the operation of the heater.

Causes of error F38:

  • Thermal sensor failure. It occurs due to various factors - it can be either a sharp change in voltage or wear of any individual components.
  • Voltage surges. Often, it is they who become the root cause when a restart through their fault does not help, and the sensor remains broken.
  • Control module. This is the most important part of the washing machine. It rarely fails, but it can also fail in the form of knocking out various error codes.

A faulty sensor is usually replaced rather than repaired.

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