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F37 Error in Bosch washing machine

Every Bosch washing machine is equipped with a self-diagnosis system. This means that in the event of a malfunction or a reason that prevents the unit from working normally, a certain alphanumeric code appears on its screen. According to it, the user determines that not everything is in order with the washer. The explanation is given in the instruction manual. If you find the error code that appears there, it will become clear where to look for a breakdown.

Code F37 means a malfunction of the temperature sensor or NTC sensor. Usually such an error is knocked out in the middle of washing, when a high temperature program is selected, and water is supposed to be heated. The temperature sensor is responsible for the heating process. That is, after the water has become warm enough or hot enough, it sends a signal to the heating element about the end of heating.

How to reset yourself?

If the washing machine issues a breakdown code, this does not mean that there really is a malfunction. Highlighting errors in the middle of washing happens because of a software failure when the washing machine freezes. This usually happens due to power surges.

Therefore, when you see error F37, first try to reset it yourself. To do this, restart the washing machine. Pull the plug out of the socket and leave it like that for 10-15 minutes. Then turn it on again and try running a high temperature wash program. If everything went well and the error does not appear, then the problem is fixed.

What can be faults?

If, even after a reboot, the F37 error remains, then a malfunction has indeed occurred. This code is the result of breakdowns:

  • Failure of the bimetallic thermostat. This is a plate that reacts to heating water to the desired temperature. It is she who is also called the NTC sensor. The main cause of failure is the wear of the plates. In this case, you must change the device.
  • Freon gas. This is a thermostat in the form of a tube filled with freon. The liquid expands because of heating and sends a signal about the end of the process. If the tube is damaged, the NTC sensor will not work.
  • Electro thermistor. In Bosch washing machines, it is located at the base of the heating element and looks like a tube made of metal. If there is something wrong with the thermistor, the water will not heat up.

If, after diagnostics, it turned out that the thermostat and all its elements are working, you need to check the connections and the wire between the control board and the sensor. It may be enough just to tighten the connectors to restore the normal operation of the element.

Rarely, but it happens that error F37 appears because of a failure of the control board. It can be soldered or reflated. In some cases, it cannot be repaired, then you will have to change the unit.

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