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F36 Error in Bosch washing machine

According to the decoding in the instruction manual, this code means that the UBL or the hatch blocking device is faulty. When not everything is in order with him, the door of the machine does not close, even if you try to shut it tightly. For safety reasons, washing will not start if the door is not closed.

When the self-diagnosis system provided in any Bosch washing machine issues a fault code, do not immediately rush to call the wizard. Often this phenomenon is caused by software failures or mechanical problems. Most of them are easy to fix on your own. Therefore, if you see code F36 on the display, you need to properly check that part of the unit where the hatch is located.

How to reset yourself

First, you need to check the integrity of the wiring leading to the hatch blocking device. If it is damaged, this element cannot function normally, therefore, an error is generated, since there is no signal to close the door. The solution to this problem is simple - just replace the wiring, then the error will disappear.

The second reason is problems with the tongue located on the hatch. It can get stuck and not fall into the hole. In this case, it helps to replace the fallen stem or lock. It's an easy job that doesn't cost too much.

Finally, the reason may turn out to be very commonplace. The machine may give an error if the hatch cannot close due to clothes stuck in it. Maybe a foreign object got inside - a button, part of the accessories, a coin. Then it is enough to simply eliminate the interference.

What could be the damage?

If after all the above actions error F36 remains, there is reason to suspect a malfunction. It occurs for the following reasons:

  • UBL breakdown. If,even after tightly re-closing it and pressing it, the breakdown code is still on, it means that the hatch blocking device needs to be changed.
  • Handle breakage. The hinge that holds the door may also fail because the latter cannot close hermetically.
  • Lock tongue broken. In this case, the hatch also does not close, because the damaged element cannot enter the groove and slam shut.

Another, however, quite rare failure is the failure of the control module. The board is the most important and expensive element of the washing machine. Usually, its repair involves soldering and flashing. In some cases, the block is so badly damaged that all that remains is to replace it.

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