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F34 error in Gorenje washing machine

When a failure occurs in the system of Gorenje PG1-PG5 washing machines, the work cycle is interrupted, the signal light starts flashing, and an error code is displayed on the electronic display. It will remain lit until you turn off the device. If this happens, contact the service center specialists for help. They will diagnose, identify the cause of the error, and eliminate it.

Error F4 occurs when the machine suddenly stops in the middle of washing clothes and stops rotating the drum. If it is not possible to restore the cycle, the equipment starts to drain warm water (in the case when the washing mode is running with water heating from 60 degrees and above), and again draw cold water. This may repeat itself several times.

F4 error for PG1-PG3 washing machines

The error is displayed when the transmission of signals from the tach generator to the motor is disrupted. The electrical network connecting the tach generator and the engine may burn out or break. Also, the control electronic module may break.

To resolve the error, follow these steps:

  • Ring the wiring, replace the burned-out sections, solder the contacts,
  • Install a new electronic control unit if it is burned out.

If you need help, please contact the service center. Experienced craftsmen will quickly replace all damaged parts.

F4 error for PG4-PG5 washing machines

The washing machine may show an F4 error in these devices due to a malfunction of the electronic board, failure of the motor brushes or the motor itself. In some cases, the inverter responsible for the number of revolutions breaks down. To repair your machine, follow these steps:

  • Reload the program to exclude a temporary failure in the electronic board, it may occur due to voltage fluctuations in the mains,
  • Make sure that the inverter is working, install a new one, if necessary,
  • Brushes can wear out over time, so they need to be replaced with new ones,
  • If the motor is broken, repair it or install a new part,
  • In the event of a failure in the electronic board, it is best to contact qualified specialists because repairs require certain skills in working with electronic systems.

If you have any questions or want to call the mechanic, call us (order a call back).