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F34 Error in Bosch washing machine

According to the decoding according to the operating instructions, this code means that the unit door is not closed. The sunroof is not fixed, even if you slammed it shut. Therefore, the command required to start the process does not work.

All washing machines are set so that any selected program starts only after the door is fully closed. This is required for security reasons. It is noteworthy that immediately after the slamming of the hatch, the washing does not start yet. It is necessary that the UBL - the hatch blocking device - works. It is he who transmits the corresponding signal to the board.

Mechanical problems

If error F34 appears on the washer display, this does not mean that the malfunction is present in the electronic part of the unit. Often the reasons are simpler and consist in mechanical breakdowns.

If you see the F34 error, try restarting the machine first. Unplug it, let it sit for 10-15 minutes and then plug it back in. If the error has not disappeared, then for some reason the door cannot close. This happens due to:

  • Displacement of the tongue-latch on the door. You need to install a pulley holding it.
  • Twisting loops on the hatch. Then the latch does not reach the lock. This happens if the machine is installed unevenly.
  • Guide wear. It is easy to understand that it has broken - then when the door is closed there is no characteristic click.

Check if a foreign object, such as a piece of clothing, is preventing the door from closing. If even after eliminating all the above factors, error F34 still appears, then a malfunction diagnosis is needed.

What damage can be?

Code F34 occurs due to:

  • UBL malfunctions. A characteristic sign is that the hatch is closed, but the washing does not start, and an error is constantly displayed. The locking device most often breaks down due to natural wear and tear, when the life of the elements set by the manufacturer passes.
  • Small debris getting into the UBL hole. Solving this problem is not difficult - just remove everything that interferes with closing, if possible, rinse the contaminated parts.
  • Control board failure. Rare but serious error.

The reason may also be the wires frayed because of strong shaking. It is also worth carefully inspecting the cable plug - it may be damaged.

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