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F31 error in siemens washing machine

If code F31 is displayed in the Siemens washing machine, then a failure has occurred. The device draws a lot of water, and because of this, it takes longer to wash than it was programmed in the program.

There are several reasons for this error to appear:

  • The electric pump broke down,
  • Solenoid valve fails due to failure,
  • The water drain system is clogged,
  • The pressure sensor does not transmit accurate data.

To reset the error, you need to find out what is the reason yourself or invite a professional specialist from the service center.

Self repair washing machine

In order to reset the F31 error, do the following:

  • Make sure the pump is working properly, if it is not, you need to repair or replace it,
  • Inspect the solenoid valve if it is broken, replace the part,
  • Also check the drain hose if it is damaged or logged with debris, restore it,
  • Check the impeller, if necessary, install a new part,
  • Pay attention to the pressure switch, you may need to install a new part.

In the event that you could not find the cause of the error, or you do not have the required part, contact the service center for help.

If you have any questions or want to call the mechanic, call us (order a call back).