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F31 Error in Bosch washing machine

As a rule, the appearance of such a code is accompanied by the outflow of water from under the unit, or, to put it simply, the appearance of leaks. Such a phenomenon cannot be ignored. Error F31 is critical, because when water flows out in a house or apartment, there will be a flood if measures are not taken in time.

Often, when such a code appears, water is constantly poured, and then drained again. Washing cannot start. Sometimes non-stop filling of the tank is considered normal if a certain program is selected. But if this did not happen before in this mode, and an error is knocked out, then you need to try to reset it or run diagnostics.

How to reset yourself?

The non-stop collection of water and the appearance of a leak are good reasons to immediately take measures to eliminate the error. If the display shows code F31, you should first try to reset it. First, stop the washing program. This is done by pressing the on/off button. Then try turning on drain mode.

Then unplug the washing machine. This is especially necessary if there is a leak under it. Then you need to close the inlet valve, drain the water through the drain filter and remove the washed clothes.

Self-draining often occurs due to the so-called siphon effect when a rarefied pressure is formed in the sewer. As a result, the washer draws water again, and then drains it, and this sequence is repeated constantly. Salvation in this situation will be a special valve, worn on the drain hose.

Self-draining also occurs since the drain filter may have become clogged, the hose is not installed correctly. The latter can also be twisted or blocked, as a result, the water intake system does not work correctly.

What can be faults?

If rebooting and fixing bugs in the drain system did not help, there is reason to suspect a malfunction. Error F31 is the result of a breakdown:

  • Pressure switch or water pressure sensor. Most often it fails due to wear of the membrane. It is negatively affected by constant voltage drops. The reason may be in burnt contacts.
  • Drain pump. Its failure is usually caused by pollution that accumulates in the process of washing different clothes.
  • Postings.

Rarely, but the reason may also be the failure of the control board.

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