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F29 Error in Bosch washing machine

If error F29 is displayed on the display of the Bosch electronic washing machine, this is accompanied by the failure of the unit to start the program. After pressing the start button, nothing happens. The cycle does not start, water does not enter the tank, as a result, the washing machine knocks out a fault code.

Error F29 means that water does not pass through the flow sensor. This is not necessarily a sign of a problem. Before calling the wizard, you should try to fix the problem yourself.

How to reset on your own

If no noise is heard when this code is displayed, or if the water is drawn in too slowly, this may be the reason for the incorrect installation of the unit. If the inlet hose is connected incorrectly, kinked, or pinched, it is enough to simply eliminate the incorrectness.

The second reason is the lack of pressure. It may also be too weak for water to enter the washer and start the program. This problem is fixed by a professional plumber.

Also, error F29 may occur if the hatch door is not closed tightly enough. When it slams, a characteristic click should be heard. If it was not there, then the hatch did not close, so water does not enter the washing machine.

What can be faults?

If the machine is installed exactly according to the instructions, the pressure is sufficient and there are no problems with the door, but error F29 still appears, which means there really is a malfunction. This code reports the following issues:

  • Filter clogged. Foreign objects may get stuck in it. Just enough to clean it up.
  • Inlet valve failure. If only its coil is broken, repairs can be made. But in most cases, the intake valve is changed completely.
  • Failure of the pressure switch or water pressure sensor. Most often it happens due to clogging of the tube - just clean it. With a more serious breakdown, the sensor changes completely.
  • Damage to the water supply sensor.

Rarely, but the reason may also be the failure of the control board. If its elements simply burned out, they can be soldered. If the processor fails, only a complete replacement will help.

If you have any questions or want to call the mechanic, call us (order a call back)