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F27 Error in Bosch washing machine

If error F27 appears on the display of an electronic washing machine, this is usually accompanied by the fact that no water is drawn, and the program cannot start.

Error codes are usually found in the instructions for the typewriter. Code F27, according to it, means that there has been a breakdown with a pressure sensor or pressure switch, as it is also called otherwise. But such a phenomenon may also be accompanied by a simple software malfunction, which is sufficient to be eliminated by rebooting. Therefore, you should first try to deal with the problem yourself.

How to clean up on your own

Error code F27, as mentioned above, means a malfunction of the pressure sensor. You can try to fix the problem with the pressure switch in the following ways:

  • Make sure that the pressure in the faucet is sufficient. If it is too weak, the washer cannot fill with water stably and knocks out an error. The code can also appear when there is no water in the water supply.
  • Open the water supply valve to full capacity.
  • Clean or repair drain hose. It can become clogged with foreign objects or debris. Perhaps some kind of load is pinching him. Too long a hose can be twisted, and therefore an error is knocked out.
  • Clean the filter where the hose connects to the washer. It also periodically clogs, because of this an error is knocked out.

If the F27 code is still on, try restarting the washing machine. Unplug it by unplugging it and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Then turn it on again and try to run the wash. If the error remains, there is reason to suspect a malfunction.

What could be the damage?

Error code F27 is a symptom of such malfunctions:

  • Valves for water intake. It receives a signal that water should be drawn from the electronic controller. Most often, the valve suffers from voltage drops. If it does not work, there is no signal for water intake.
  • Pressure sensor or pressure switch. This element is responsible for controlling the water level. If it breaks, washing does not start, since the control unit does not receive the necessary command.
  • Door lock devices (UBL). It most often breaks a mechanical latch or handle. If the UBL is broken, the washing machine thinks that the door is open and does not start the wash.

Rarely, but the cause may also be a malfunction of the control board.

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