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F26 Error in Bosch washing machine

Usually, such incorrectness is accompanied by other problems - water is not collected or drained. Decoding of error F26 - malfunction of the pressure switch or water pressure sensor. This element is also called analog.

Electronic washing machines report breakdowns thanks to efficient and fast self-diagnosis systems. Thanks to them, the owner quickly receives information about the state of the unit and can determine what the problem is. The decoding of the most common codes is detailed in the instructions.

Can I reset myself?

If you see error F26 on the display of the washing machine, this is not necessarily a direct sign of a malfunction. It may appear due to a simple software failure. Therefore, you can try to simply reset the error. This is done by restarting the washer:

  • Unplug it from the socket,
  • Let stand 10-15 minutes,
  • Turn it on again.

If everything is in order, then after such actions the error code disappears. You can also try another way - just reset the program by pressing the on / off button.

If everything is done, but there is no result and error F26 still appears, then the problem is in the problem. Most often, such a code is displayed when the pressure switch or the sensor that determines the water level is faulty.

Features of the malfunction

The pressure switch in the washing machine is installed to determine the level of water in the tank at the moment. Its principle of operation is connected with air pressure; therefore it is always mounted in the upper part of the unit. The pressure rises as the machine fills with water. The signal about the need to fill or drain it is given by the water level control sensor, or pressure switch.

Its malfunction is accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • Very little water is poured, therefore washing is not fully performed,
  • Incomplete drain occurs,
  • Rinsing or spinning does not start,
  • When the low temperature mode is selected, the water is heated.

If the damaged pressure switch is not repaired or replaced in time, the error will become critical. It negatively affects the heating element. The latter may burn out - such a situation can cause a fire.

The problem may also lie in the wiring or connectors between the level sensor and the board. Then the module does not receive the desired signal, and the wash does not start. Rarely, but sometimes it happens that error F26 is displayed because of a breakdown in the control unit.

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