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F25 Error in Bosch washing machine

Error code F25 appears on the displays of Bosch electronic washing machines because of a malfunction of the water turbidity sensor. Knocking out this code is accompanied by the fact that the wash cannot end, even if it starts properly and normally. The unit may also freeze right in the middle of the program and not respond to button presses in any way. In this case, the hatch will remain blocked.

The appearance of such a code does not always mean that the water turbidity sensor is faulty. Error F25 may also indicate other incorrect phenomena that are not always directly breakdowns. The first step is to diagnose the washing machine to understand exactly what the reason is.

How to fix it on your own

You can fix the situation by doing the following:

  • Cleaning the drain system. Periodically, it becomes clogged due to debris or foreign objects. The drain hose and filter are especially sensitive to this.
  • Checking the aquasensor or turbidity level sensor. Failures in his work occur due to the accumulation of scale.
  • Drainage check. Dirty water sometimes gets there because the turbidity sensor is triggered.

The easiest way to eliminate the last incorrectness is to start the washer in operating mode with a temperature of 60-90 degrees. So, she herself will wash her elements from the inside.

There are two ways to fix the error. The first is to disconnect the washer from the network, and then turn it on again after 10-15 minutes. If after restarting the error is still displayed, turn off the unit by pressing the special button located on the panel. Then set the rinse program, press the spin button and turn the dial to 7 o'clock.

Hold the rinse setting button for 15 seconds. Then restart the washer by turning it off again, pulling the plug out of the socket and turning it on after 15 minutes.

What can be faults?

If after all the above steps the error does not disappear, then the washing machine is really not all right. Most often, the F25 code appears when the pressure switch or the sensor that determines the water level fails.

Another reason for this code to appear on the display is a malfunction of the drain pump. For him, pollution and foreign objects that can get stuck inside are especially detrimental.

Very rarely, an error means a direct failure of the turbidity sensor itself. This element almost never breaks, but this situation cannot be completely ruled out.

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