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F22 Error in Bosch washing machine

Error F22 in Bosch electronic washing machines indicates a temperature sensor malfunction. In electromechanical models, with such a breakdown, several buttons flash at the same time, showing the spin value. When the error code is shown on the display, the washing machine will not work. She throws an error and does not respond to commands. This malfunction is also accompanied by the fact that the water does not heat up when the high temperature mode is selected.

Error code F22 is accompanied by some external incorrect signs. So, if a high temperature is selected for washing, if the sensor breaks, the hatch of the unit remains cold even after 20-30 minutes. If you take out the laundry, it will be noticeable that it has not been washed well, and a musty smell may even come from it. Cold clothes after rinsing do not indicate breakage, since in this mode the water should be at a low temperature.

How to reset an error

Code F22 can be the result of a malfunction or other problems. Before looking for a breakdown, you should try to reset it yourself. Maybe the problem is much simpler than you thought.

  • The interpretation of the error is as follows - the water does not heat up; the sensor is faulty. To see if this is true or not, you need to make sure that the following problems do not exist:
  • Wrong program selected. The washing machine does not always have to heat the water. To familiarize yourself with the features of each mode, carefully read the instructions.
  • Wrong connection. If the hose is installed and connected incorrectly, water is continuously drained and refilled. Therefore, it simply does not have time to heat up. See connection instructions.
  • There is no power at the outlet. The error may indicate that the lever on the switchboard has been knocked out.
  • Control module failure. To check this, restart the machine, that is, unplug it and turn it on again after 10-15 minutes. If the error is gone, then that was the problem.

If everything is done, but nothing helped, then the problem is really a malfunction.

What damage can be?

Error code F22 appears because of such malfunctions:

  • Failure of the heating element or heating element. A common cause is damage to the contacts, due to which the element does not receive a signal about the need to heat water. Scale is also harmful to it, which accumulates because of using low-quality powder or hard water.
  • Thermostat closing. If the temperature sensor is faulty, the unit will also not receive a signal that the high temperature mode is selected. The thermostat most often breaks due to scale.
  • Failure of the pressure switch or level sensor. Then there is no signal that there is enough water in the tank for heating.

Rarely, but the cause may also be a malfunction of the control module.