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F2 error in Gorenje washing machine

Error codes for Gorenje washing machines are displayed on the electronic display now when the system has failed. If you see that the device does not work normally, and a code is displayed on the display, you need to find what the problem is and fix it. At this point, it is better not to use the washing machine, so as not to aggravate the breakdown. Please contact the service center. They will diagnose and restore the machine so that you can continue washing.

F2 code for Gorenje PG1-PG5 washing machines.

If you see code F2, then there is a problem with the door. This may be because you did not close it tightly after loading the laundry. Close the door again. If it remains open, make sure the blocker is working properly. Also, an error is displayed due to a break in the contacts coming from the door lock to the electronic board.

To restore the operation of the washing machine yourself, follow these steps.

  • Reboot the machine to make sure it is not a temporary failure in the electronic system. To do this, click on "Stop" and turn on the machine again.
  • Check if the door is tightly closed, if there are any objects that prevent it from closing.
  • Ring the wiring coming from the door lock. If it is damaged, replace it.

After that, examine the door lock. If the spring is broken, install a new lock.

F2 error for Gorenje WA 101, 121, 132, 162, 162P laundry machines

For this type of apparatus, the F2 error is associated with insufficient water supply to the tank. You turned on the machine, the time has passed, and the required water level has not been reached. The source of the problem can be in several places:

  • No water in the water supply system,
  • Water pressure is insufficient and the machine cannot fill the tank,
  • The filter located in front of the filling valve is clogged with dirt or rust,
  • The filling valve is broken,
  • Pressure switch faulty.

To restore the operation of the machine, you must first check if there is water in the water supply system. After that, make sure that the inlet hose and filter are not clogged with dirt. Rinse them under running water. If the filling valve or pressure switch breaks down, they must be replaced.

If you have enough experience and knowledge, you can fix this breakdown yourself. If the washing machine still does not work, call a specialist service center. He will diagnose and replace the damaged parts with new ones.

If you have any questions or want to call the mechanic, call us (order a call back).