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F19 Error in a Bosch washing machine

If error F19 appears on the display of the Bosch electronic washing machine, this means that the self-diagnosis system provided in each such model reports that there is no water heating. It is also possible that a break has occurred in the heating system. Electromechanical washers without a display report such a malfunction by flashing a light indicating the number of revolutions. Together with them, the rinse mode indicator usually lights up.

Error F19 is critical. If it is highlighted, you need to disconnect the washer from the network and start troubleshooting. Otherwise, a short circuit or even fire may occur. As a rule, if this code is shown, the program is not selected and there is no reaction to pressing any other buttons. The washer does not start.

How to diagnose

The appearance of the F19 code on the display does not always indicate a specific breakdown. This may be a sign of a small malfunction that you can fix yourself. The most common factors that lead to a heating error are:

  • Insufficient voltage in the mains. A common situation for residents of the private sector. Here the reason is not in the typewriter, so you need to wait until the situation improves.
  • Accumulation of scale on the heater - heating element. Plaque does not let in the heat that accumulates this element. That's why it doesn't heat the water.
  • Control module failure. Occurs due to voltage fluctuations in the network. It is eliminated by rebooting - turning off and on the washing machine again after 10-15 minutes.

If there is no scale, and there is enough voltage, but the error still appears even after a reboot, then the reason is more serious.

What damage can be?

Error F19 indicates one of these malfunctions:

  • Failure of the heating element or heating element. The electric tubular heater suffers greatly from hard water and poor-quality powder. When too much scale accumulates on it, it breaks. Usually, it remains only to replace it, descaling does not always help.
  • Damaged wiring to the heating element. It needs to be replaced. Sometimes soldering individual contacts helps.
  • Temperature sensor failure. If everything is fine with the heater, but there is an error of no water heating, then the problem is in the temperature sensor. Sometimes it can be repaired, but more often a new part is installed.

Rarely, but it happens that the F19 code appears because of damage to the control module. It is possible that individual contacts have burned out or oxidized. In this case, you can solder it or replace the elements. Sometimes you must completely change the board.

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