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F16, E16 Error in a Bosch washing machine

Error code F16, E16 usually occurs after the user has pressed the button to start the wash cycle. The appearance of such a value on the display indicates that the hatch door is not closed or for some reason cannot be closed. It is possible that one of the systems is faulty. In machines without a screen, such an error is manifested by the constant flashing of the readiness indicator.

Depending on the series, the error code F16, E16 is also shown in other ways. In the Classixx series, two lamps flash simultaneously - Wash and Rinse, the process does not start. In Maxx 5, 6, 7, the maximum spin speed indicator lights up.

How to fix the problem

If you see code F16 or E16, then the sunroof lock device does not work. This is not necessarily a sign of a breakdown, perhaps something really prevents the door from closing.

Often this value appears because the owners themselves loosely slammed the hatch, or clothes got stuck in it.

The second factor is controlling failure or freezing. The module may give a temporary error due to voltage drops. It is enough to turn off the unit from the network for 10-15 minutes, and then start it again. This time is enough for the control unit to return to normal.

What kind of breakdowns do the codes indicate?

If even after re-closing, turning it on and off, the washing machine does not start and shows F16 or E16, this indicates a real breakdown. Consider the most frequent, accompanied by such a fault code.

signs Breaking How is eliminated
Error F16 or E16 is lit on the display - the hatch blocking device does not work. UBL failure. It is because of him that such code appears most often. UBL may burn out or be damaged. Only by installing a new locking device.
Control module failure. Most often, its contact tracks or radio components burn out. The sequence is as follows:
board diagnostics,
replacement of burnt parts,
track soldering.
Sometimes only the replacement of the control unit helps.
UBL wiring problem. With use, it burns out or begins to rot. In private homes, rodents are to blame for damage to the wires. After ringing the chains, they look for the place of the breakdown. Depending on the results, the master will twist the wires, replace the entire cable, solder damaged contacts, or replace the entire contact group.
The door cannot close because the tab does not fall into the right place and does not click. Code - E16. Deformation of the hatch hinges. This happens if the door was handled carelessly. Installing new hinges.
The tongue is skewed, or the guide is broken. Installing a new lock. With a broken mount, you need to change the hatch completely.

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