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F15 error in Whirlpool washing machine

The Whirlpool laundry machine signals a problem with the motor by flashing code F15 on the electronic display. For devices without a display, you can find out about the problem by signal lights. The third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and the ninth signal indicator will light up on the control unit. What to do if you wanted to wash your clothes, but the machine does not respond to your commands and does not turn on? In this case, you should immediately contact the master from the service center. He will diagnose all parts of the mechanism, identify the cause of the breakdown, and eliminate it.


To reset the F15 error code, you need to pay attention first to the motor. There was a malfunction in his work. But there may be other reasons, so you need to do the following:

  • Check the brushes of the electric motor, if they are out of order, you need to install a new part,
  • Inspect the motor, if it is broken, it needs to be repaired or a new one installed,
  • Make sure that the tach generator is working correctly, change the failed part,
  • Ring all the links of the electrical network connecting the motor and the electronic control board, if a break occurs, it will be necessary to replace the damaged sections or strengthen the contacts,
  • To diagnose the elements located on the electronic board and responsible for controlling the operation of the motor - this is a triac and a relay, it may be necessary to replace these modules or the entire board.

All repair work related to the electronic board is best left to professionals from the washing machine repair service center. This is a complex job that requires certain knowledge and experience with electronics. If you have any questions or want to call the master, call us (order a call back).