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F05 error in Whirlpool washing machine

The Whirlpool laundry machine indicates a water heating problem by flashing code F05 on the electronic display. For devices without a display, you can find out about the problem by signal lights. The fourth, sixth and ninth signal indicator will light up on the control unit. If the washing machine did not heat the water, an error will be displayed on the screen. In this case, you need to immediately call the wizard from the service center. He will diagnose, identify the cause, and eliminate it.

Independent problem solving

If the water does not heat up, and you see code F05 on the control unit of the washing machine, then there are problems with the pressure switch. You need to do the following:

  • Diagnose the temperature sensor, if everything is in order with it, its resistance at room temperature should be 36 kOhm, replace the broken part with a new one,
  • Make sure that the thermistor does not leak current to the case, this is done using a megger with a scale greater than 20 kOhm

In the event that you cannot reset the error yourself, call the service center workers. They will check all the details and fix the damage. If you have any questions or want to call the mechanic, call us (order a call back).