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F04 error in siemens washing machine

In the event that you saw water under the Siemens washing machine, and the F04 code is on the electronic display, you need to look for the reason. There is a leak in one of the connections. You can do it yourself or call qualified specialists from the service center. They will diagnose, identify the cause of the leak, and fix the problem.

Self repair washing machine

To reset the error yourself, you need to find the reason why the water appeared, for this, do the following:

  • Carefully inspect all connections in the system through which water enters the device or drains, it can be hoses, rubber cuffs of the hatch or a pan,
  • If you find deformation, you need to replace these parts to restore tightness.

In the event that it was not possible to find the cause of the leak on your own, contact the service center for help. Experts do not recommend using the device, as this can lead to other, more serious breakdowns, and entail high costs for restoring the operation of the machine.

If you have any questions or want to call the technician, call us (order a call back).