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F04 Error in a Bosch washing machine

Error F04 on the display of the washing machine means that the device is leaking, or, in other words, there is a source of water leakage. Its main symptom is obvious and very unpleasant. When a leak occurs, a large puddle appears on the floor under the washing machine. It is impossible not to notice it, and besides, in the apartment, water on the floor flows to the neighbours. Therefore, the problem needs to be solved quickly.

Reasons for the error

If error F04 is on the display, but washing continues, it must be stopped immediately and the machine must be de-energized, that is, disconnected from the mains. It is worth noting that some Bosch models have leakage protection. In them, water does not flow out of the pan due to the operation of the desired sensor. However, there is still a small leak.

Water leakage occurs for the following reasons:

  • Clogged or damaged dispenser. It can happen, for example, since the pressure of the incoming water was too strong.
  • The tank was damaged due to ingestion of sharp objects. Previously, in washing machines, these elements were made of metal and served for a longer period. Plastic, on the other hand, suffer greatly from contact with buttons, coins, and hard fittings.
  • Loosefilter, poor connection, damaged drain hose. The first fault can be identified by simply looking at the front of the panel. Loose connections or hose failures are often caused by worn gaskets where the hose connects to the machine.
  • Cuff damage or wear. This part is located on the washer door. Over time, it wears off. It can also be damaged by sharp or very hard objects. If the problem is with the cuff, the leak appears in the front of the machine.
  • Pipe failure. Then the water accumulates under the washing machine.

If it is impossible to eliminate the error quickly with your own hands - for example, parts are damaged, and they need to be replaced - you need to call the wizard. So, if the tank, hose, pipe, dispenser is damaged, they must be changed. Home wrapping with electrical tape, soldering, if they help, then not for long.

When error F04 appears, the drain pump or pipe is most often changed. It is not uncommon to also install a new powder dispenser or cuff. The latter can also be repaired - it all depends on its condition.

If you have any questions or want to call the mechanic, call us (order a call back)