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F03 error in Whirlpool washing machine

The Whirlpool laundry machine indicates a water drain problem by flashing code F03 on the electronic display. For devices without a display, you can find out about the problem by signal lights. The fifth, sixth and eighth signal indicator will light up on the control unit. The washing process can be interrupted at any time and an error will be displayed on the screen. In this case, you should immediately call the wizard from the service center. He will diagnose, identify the cause, and eliminate it.


The machine will make attempts to drain the water after washing, but when this does not happen, the code F03 will light up on the display. Work stops and laundry cannot be washed. You need to look for the cause in such places:

  • Due to the long service life, the pump has broken down or the filters are clogged, so check the drain pump, if it cannot be repaired, you need to install a new pump,
  • Check the drain filter or drain hose, foreign objects from linen, debris or lint may have got in, rinse all components of the drain system under running water to fix the problem,
  • If the electronic control unit has burned out completely or certain parts of it, the electronic device will need to be replaced.

You can independently restore the operation of the electronic unit if you have the necessary knowledge and experience or contact the service center for help. If you have any questions or want to call the mechanic, call us (order a call back).