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F01 error in Siemens washing machine

If you wanted to wash your clothes, but the Siemens washing machine stopped at one of the stages of work and did not drain the dirty water, look at the electronic display. If error F03 is displayed, there may be several reasons for the violation of the water drain.

  • The drain system is clogged with debris or small foreign objects.
  • The pump or electric pump is out of order.
  • An electronic module malfunction has occurred.

You can call specialists from the service center or fix the breakdown yourself.

Do-it-yourself washing machine repair

You need to do the following to restore the machine:

  • See if the sewer is clogged,
  • Check the drain hose for damage,
  • Clean the drain filter from dirt and foreign objects that could get into it from the laundry,
  • Inspect the impeller located on the pump, it should rotate freely and without interference, if not, replace it,
  • Turn off the washing machine from the mains and turn it on again after 15 minutes, there may have been a temporary malfunction in the electronic system.

If all your actions did not restore the system, you need to diagnose the module. He could burn out. This is a complex repair that requires some knowledge of electronics, so it's best to call in specialists.

If you have any questions or want to call the technician, call us (order a call back).