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F03 Error in a Bosch washing machine

Bosch electronic washing machines are equipped with self-diagnosis systems. Therefore, in the event of a malfunction, they themselves inform the user about this by displaying a specific code. For each individual error, its own alphanumeric value is assigned. According to it, you can determine not only the breakdown itself, but also the reasons for which it arose, and ways to eliminate it.

Error code F03 means that there is no water drain, which must be at the final stage of the wash cycle. This code is displayed on the display when, 10 minutes after the completion of the process, the water does not drain, but remains in the tank. For the same reason, the spin mode does not work, and the clothes after washing remain completely wet.

How to diagnose a problem

Understanding why error F03 is issued, and the water does not drain is not so difficult. You can carry out diagnostics yourself, before the arrival of the master. The causes of failure are often very simple:

  • Drain filter. It is located behind the washing machine at the bottom. Periodically, this element is clogged with debris, foreign objects, villi from clothes accumulate in it. It is enough to clean it well, rinse it and put it in place.
  • Incorrect drain hose connection. In this case, the water after draining immediately returns to the tank. It is worth additionally making sure that the pipe is not twisted - there may be no drain for this reason.
  • Clogging of the sewer, both in the place where it is connected to the hose, and in any other. Special cleaning products or an experienced plumber will help.
  • Clogged drain hose.

After eliminating the causes, restart the machine to reset the error.

What damage can be?

If, after diagnosing and trying to reset, the error still appears, then the problem is a malfunction of internal parts. F03 says about failure:

  • Drain pump. In this case, the water is not pumped out at all, or it happens very slowly and badly. If cleaning does not help, you will have to replace the pump.
  • Press stat. This is a pressure sensor that gives a signal about the water level. If the problem is with him, the F03 error appears even after a normal drain, when you take out dry laundry.
  • Pump impellers. If it is faulty, the outlet pressure becomes too weak.
  • Drive belt. If it is too stretched, the spin does not start, as there is not enough power and speed.

Another reason for the F03 error is a malfunction of the control module. This is a fairly rare breakdown, because the board is considered the most expensive part of any washing machine.

The control block consists of many elements. Separate parts ensure the functioning of the engine, sensors, drain system, and other components. If a short circuit occurs, individual parts may burn out. They need to be soldered or cleaned. Sometimes only installing a new module helps.

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