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F02 error in Siemens washing machine

If you want to start washing, but your Siemens washing machine does not draw water and the washing process does not start, and you see the code F02 on the electronic display, check the water supply system. There may be several reasons for this problem:

  • There is no water in the house or in the water supply system, the water pressure is very weak, so the machine cannot start washing,
  • The water supply system in the washing machine is blocked or broken.

First you need to check the plumbing system, whether there is water in it and what pressure. If everything is in order, make sure that the valve on the inlet hose is not closed and water can flow freely into the laundry machine. If there is water in the house and the tap is open, the problem must be sought in the water supply system. You can do it yourself or call the wizard from the service center.

Self-repair washing machine

To restore the machine, do the following:

  • Carefully inspect the filter mesh and the water supply valve, if they are clogged with dirt or rust, if necessary, rinse them under the pressure of water,
  • Check the inlet hose, it may be kinked or clogged with dirt, install a new hose if necessary.

Qualified specialists will always come to your aid if you could not solve this problem on your own. All work is guaranteed. If you have any questions or want to call the technician, call us (order a call back).

If you have any questions or want to call the technician, call us (order a call back).