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F02 Error in a Bosch washing machine

Bosch electronic machines are equipped with special displays. In the event of a malfunction, an error code appears on them - it is easy to determine from it what caused the problem and understand how to troubleshoot. Decoding is usually given in the instructions for each specific model.

Error code F02 in a Bosch washing machine means no water supply. That is, for some reason, it does not enter the washing machine. Typically, this fault code appears when, 5 minutes after starting the wash, the sensors do not detect water in the drum.

Why the error occurs and how to fix it

If water is not drawn into the tank of the washing machine, you need to understand why this is happening. Do not rush to immediately call the master, because the problem may turn out to be banal and easily fixed. The easiest way to deal with external problems that are not related to the internal mechanisms of the washer. To diagnose when code F02 appears, start simple:

  • Check if the machine is connected correctly. If the drain hose is below the tank, then the water pours out on its own and does not have time to collect. The required distance is at least 50 cm from the floor level.
  • Look at the hose. It is possible that water is not supplied, as it is twisted or bent.
  • Turn the handle of the faucet that supplies water. Maybe you just closed it earlier and forgot about it.
  • Check for water at the faucet and make sure the pressure is not too low.
  • Make sure the drain hose is free of foreign objects and other debris.

Most of these problems can be fixed on your own, without the intervention of a wizard.

If they checked, and everything is in order with the plumbing, but even after restarting - that is, turning it off and on again - the F02 code is shown, which means there is a problem with mechanical parts. This error indicates a malfunction:

  • Inlet filter. Most often, it is enough just to remove it and rinse it, as it is periodically clogged with dirt and foreign objects.
  • Inlet valve. It also crashes periodically. If even after washing the error has not disappeared, it may have broken. The solution is to replace the intake valve.
  • Doors. If it is not closed tightly, no water is drawn in and the wash cannot start. The hatch breaks due to the failure of the UBL (locking device), handle or latch.

Error F02 is also a consequence of problems with the electronics. If everything is in order with the mechanical parts of the washing machine, then you need to check the pressure switch. This is a pressure sensor that also detects the water level. When it is broken, the controller does not receive the desired signal and no water is drawn.

Rarely, code F02 can also mean a failure of the control module. The payment is always checked last. If the reason is in it, then a flashing is necessary.

If you have any questions or want to call the mechanic, call us (order a call back)