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F01 Error in a Bosch washing machine

Thanks to diagnostic systems in modern Bosch models equipped with a display, the owner can quickly understand what the problem is. It is enough to look at the decoding of the error code, which is shown on the scoreboard, in the instructions or in the list.

Error code F01 is usually accompanied by problems with the door. It either does not close completely, or does not block after slamming. Therefore, because of this, the wash cannot start, whichever cycle you choose. In electromechanical units where there is no display, the F01 error code lights up on the indicators - then the lock light flashes or just lights up.

Why error F01 occurs

The main reason for the appearance of such a code is problems with the door. They happen due to the breakdown of any mechanical parts or electronics. In the first case, the hatch does not close at all or does not close tightly enough. The latter is accompanied by the absence of a characteristic click. The reason is the wear or failure of the latch responsible for the complete closing of the door.

Electronics problems are usually associated with a malfunction of the sunroof lock device (UBL). A characteristic feature is that the hatch closes in the same way as usual, but the electronic lock does not work. In this case, washing does not start, and error F01 appears on the display.

The reason may be more simple, banal. If such a code is displayed on the screen, it may be that the hatch cannot close because a piece of clothing falls out of the machine and prevents it from closing completely. It happens that the washer shows error F01 because the latch hole is clogged. This may also be because a foreign object has got into the cuff, or it is simply bent and interferes with closure.

If the problem is not due to clothing or dirt, then you need to look for and fix the problem.

What breakdowns are

Error code F01 indicates such mechanical problems with the hatch:

  • The handle broke. It may fail over time. Plastic elements are especially short-lived. You cannot repair the handle you only need to install a new one.
  • The hinges are twisted. It is enough to adjust or tighten them so that the door returns to the correct position.
  • Thelatch has moved. This happens when a metal rod falls out.
  • Deformed or broken latch guides.

Error F01 also appears when the mechanical parts are working. In this case, she talks about problems with UBL. If something happened to the locking device, then after closing the door, water is not drawn in and the wash does not start, and a fault code appears on the screen.

The main reason is the deformation of the metal parts of the UBL (hatch blocking device). There is no point in repairing them, it is better to just replace them.

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