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Error F00, E00 in the Bosch washing machine

Modern Bosch washing machines are equipped with a self-diagnosis function. This means that in the event of a breakdown or malfunction, they inform the owners about it. The user sees an error code - it looks like a combination of letters and numbers. The decoding of most of them - but not all - is in the instructions. But what to do if error F00, E00 appears on the display of the Bosch machine? There are no such problems in the standard lists of error codes.

These values are not included in the list of typical ones since they appear extremely rarely. Moreover, F00 is not an error in the direct sense of the word. If this code appears on the display, then the washing machine has passed the test and no faults have been found. So, it is often seen after repair, temporary shutdown, or replacement of any component. Sometimes it appears after a sharp power surge in the network.

For a frequent error, it is displayed after error F21, in which case you need to pay attention to the engine, namely to the engine brushes. Perhaps they are worn out, oxidized, broken contact and often happens after replacement in a recent brush, without depressing the latch, due to which the brushes get stuck in the brush holder (it is very easy to fix with a thin screwdriver, the brushes should go inside the brush holder).

How to reset an error

In a normal situation, the user sees the code F00, E00 on the display of the Bosch washing machine only after certain actions with it. This is a sign that the operation was successful, and the unit is working. But it happens that everything is in order with the machine, but you can't start washing, since this code does not disappear.

It also happens that F00 or E00 appear just like that, even if no details have changed and the repair has not been carried out. Do not rush to call the wizard - for starters, try to reset the error yourself. The fault code is reset through the service menu of the Bosch washer. For this you need:

  • Disconnect the washer from the network, then turn it on again, wait until an error appears (it may disappear immediately after the restart),
  • Using the program switch knob, put the unit on rinsing,
  • Turning the knob to the spin value, at the same time press the button with a spiral pattern, indicating revolutions,
  • Wait until the sign 888 appears on the screen,
  • Turn the knob two more times to the right so that the pointer shows 5 o'clock.

Wait a couple of seconds and then turn the knob to off. If everything is in order with the washing machine, the E00 code should disappear.

If the code is not reset

When, after all the steps taken and restarting, the error does not disappear, most likely this indicates a malfunction of the Bosch washing machine. According to the experience of professional service center, there are usually several reasons for this phenomenon:

Error code Malfunction How to repair
F00 or E00 appears immediately after switching on. Before that, another code was issued - F21 or F25. Problems in the firmware of the control unit. Problems with it happen after sudden voltage drops. The memory chip of the control module is soldered. Then it is enough to reprogram it (this will require special equipment) and install it back.
The control board is broken. Most likely, the radio components failed, or the tracks burned out. First, a diagnosis is made to determine the cause. Burnt tracks can be soldered. If the radio elements are out of order, then they will have to be replaced.

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