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Error AE, AC, 13E in the Samsung washing machine

If the Samsung electronics washing machine shows the error AE, AC, 13E (depending on the model), it is generally impossible to start any program. Even there is no reaction to pressing the buttons, attempts to select the mode. After starting, nothing happens either. Such code can also crash in the middle of the loop, at any stage. At the same time, washing stops and cannot continue. Errors AE, AC, 13E means that there is no communication between the control module and the communication board. It may be, but it is strongly interrupted. Professional diagnostics will help to understand exactly what happened.

Is it possible to reset on your own?

Before the arrival of the master, it is worth trying to solve the problem yourself. Error AE, AC, 13E also happens due to a temporary software failure of the control module. This issue is resolved by rebooting. The machine is disconnected from the network and stays like this for up to 15 minutes, then it turns on again.

What are the breakdowns?

If after a reboot the error AE, AC, 13E does not disappear, this indicates such malfunctions:

Breaking Causes How to eliminate
The error appears in the middle of the program or immediately after turning on the machine. Broken wiring / contacts. Cleaning, tightening contacts, repairing wiring. If that doesn't work, a complete replacement.
The code glows immediately after selecting a mode or switching on. Failure of the control module or indication board. Soldering tracks, replacing broken parts. If all else fails, install a new control, or display module.

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