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Error 5E (SE), E2, 5C in the Samsung washing machine

Suppose the Samsung washing machine shows error 5E (SE), E2 or 5C (depending on the model), accompanied by an unexpected program stop. After starting, the wash runs as usual but suddenly freezes after a few minutes or before switching to rinse. If you press the buttons, there is no reaction.

Error 5E (SE), E2 or 5C means a problem in the drain system of the unit. For some reason, the water from the washer does not pour out, and the internal systems define this as a breakdown. But the reason is not necessarily the fault. So before the arrival of the master, it is worth trying to solve the problem yourself.

Can you reset yourself?

This code appears on older Samsung washing machines manufactured before 2007. Very often, users of such devices turn to the service for this very reason. Before starting the self-diagnosis, you must manually drain the water from the machine. How to do this is written in the instructions. Then it is necessary to check the drain filter for clogging and where the washer connects to the sewer.

If the filter is dirty, it is enough to wash it and reinstall it. The same is done with the siphon. Another reason for the error is whether the drain hose is kinked. Again, it is enough to straighten or clean it well. Also, the pump contacts may have come off. You need to tighten them.

Error 5E (SE), E2, and 5C also occur due to a temporary software failure of the control module. This problem is fixed by restarting the washing machine. It disconnects from the network and stays like that for 10-15 minutes, then turns on again.

What could be the damage?

If, after a reboot, error 5E (SE), E2 or 5C still appears, this indicates the presence of such malfunctions:

Breaking Causes How to eliminate
The water does not drain, there is no spin. The drain pump is broken. In most cases, this is the reason. Installing a new pump.
No water drain. Clogged drain pipe. Disconnecting and cleaning the drain pipe.
The program freezes when the tank is full of water. Failure or software failure of the control board. Soldering board tracks. Much less often a complete replacement is needed.
Water does not pour out, error E2 is on. Damaged wiring / contacts. Restoration or installation of a completely new cable.

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