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Error 3E, EA, 8E in the Samsung washing machine

If the Samsung electronics washing machine shows error 3E, EA, 8E (depending on the model), the program ends unexpectedly after a few minutes from the start. Water is collected, the drum makes several rotations and suddenly stops. It happens that such a code lights up when switching to spin or at any other stage of the cycle. Errors 3E, EA, 8E mean that the Hall tachometer or tachometer is not working properly. In most cases, this is really a breakdown that occurs due to engine problems. But before the arrival of the master, it is worth trying to solve the problem yourself.

Is it possible to reset on your own?

Such a fault code may glow due to overloading the washing machine when there is too many laundry in it. Then the motor cannot work normally, and the control module determines this as an error. The solution is simple - pull out excess clothes and run the wash again. Errors 3E, EA, 8E also happen due to a failure of the self-diagnosis system and the control module. This issue is resolved by rebooting. The machine is disconnected from the network and stays like this for up to 15 minutes, then it turns on again.

What are the breakdowns?

If errors 3E, EA, 8E do not disappear after a reboot, this indicates such malfunctions:

Breaking Causes How to eliminate
After filling the water and scrolling the drum, the program stops. Hall sensor broken. Installing a new Hall sensor.
Washing starts only if you put no spin. The inner ring of the Hall sensor or the surface of the motor is clogged or oxidized. Cleaning.
The drum is spinning too slowly or too fast, there is no spin. The tach generator is disconnected from the motor housing. Attachment pulls.
When choosing any mode, water is collected, but the drum does not spin. Short circuit or open circuit of the motor winding. Motor replacement.
A couple of minutes after the start or when switching to spin, the wash stops. Damaged drive belt. Installing a new drive belt.
Worn motor brushes. Brush replacement.
Damaged wiring / contacts. Restoration of wiring / contacts.
Immediately after the start, the washer turns off. Failure of the control module. Resoldering of contacts, replacement of damaged parts. Rarely - installing a new module.

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