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Error 3E, EA, 3E1, 3C in the Samsung washing machine

If the Samsung electronics washing machine shows error 3E. EA, 3E1, 3C (depending on the model), this is accompanied by an interruption of the wash after a couple of minutes after the start. Water is collected, the drum makes several rotations, but then the program stops. It happens that the fault code lights up only before the transition to the spin cycle.

Errors 3E. EA, 3E1, 3C report that the tachometer or Hall sensor is not working properly. It does not send a signal to the control module or tries too little to communicate with it. Most likely, there was a malfunction in the engine.

Can I reset myself?

Before the arrival of the mechanic, it is worth trying to solve the problem yourself. The appearance of the code can be caused by a banal overload of the drum, when too many laundry was loaded for washing. It is enough just to pull out some of the things and start the cycle again.

Error 3E. EA, 3E1, 3C also happens due to a temporary software failure of the control module. This issue is resolved by rebooting. The machine is disconnected from the network and stays like this for up to 15 minutes, then it turns on again.

What are the breakdowns?

If after restarting error 3E, EA, 3E1, 3C does not disappear, this indicates such malfunctions:

Breaking Causes How to eliminate
The error appears when switching to rinsing or spinning, or after several rotations of the drum. Hall sensor broken. Installing a new Hall sensor.
The code glows in any spin mode. Problems with the internal shaft of the motor or the magnetic ring of the Hall sensor. Recovery of damaged items.
The drum is spinning too slowly or too fast, spinning does not work. Weak fastening between the motor housing and the tachometer. Attachment pulls.
After filling with water, the drum does not move on any program. Motor failure. Installing a new motor.
A couple of minutes after starting or during the spin cycle, the program stops. Motor drive belt damaged. Replacing the drive belt.
The code crashes at any stage of the cycle. Breakage of the tach generator chain. Rewiring or cable replacement.
The error appears immediately after turning on, then the washing machine turns off. The electronic module has failed. Repair of burned-out elements. Rarely, the entire module needs to be replaced.

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