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Error 1E, E7, 1C in the Samsung washing machine

If the Samsung electronics washing machine shows an error 1E, E7, 1C (depending on the model), this is accompanied by the failure of the unit to draw water and continue washing after starting. It happens that the drain pump immediately turns on, but nothing else happens. Such a phenomenon can be observed not only at the beginning, but also when switching to spin or rinse. Errors 1E, E7, 1C mean that the pressure switch or the sensor that determines the water level is not working properly. In most cases, this is just a breakdown. Although before the arrival of the master it is worth trying to solve the problem yourself.

Is it possible to reset on your own?

First, you need to check if the contacts or the pressure switch tube have come off. The latter can accidentally detach or bend. You need to fix all the connectors, put the handset in order and try to turn on the program again. Error 1E, E7, 1C also happens due to a temporary software failure of the control module. This issue is resolved by rebooting. The machine is disconnected from the network and stays like this for up to 15 minutes, then it turns on again.

What are the breakdowns?

If error 1E, E7, 1C does not disappear even after a reboot, this indicates such malfunctions:

Breaking Causes How to eliminate
Water is not poured. The fault code lights up at different stages of the program. The pressure switch broke. This is the most common reason. It fails due to clogging, damage to the hose or tube. It happens that the sensor itself breaks completely. Sensor recovery. Clogged parts are blown, damaged elements are changed. If the cause is in the sensor itself, it is completely changed.
The code knocks out immediately after switching on. Failure of the electronic module. Resoldering and restoration of burned-out module elements. If the problem is in the processor, replace the board.
Damaged wiring / contacts. Restoration or replacement of wiring / contacts.

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