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E90 error in Electrolux washing machine

When the E90 error appears on the display of the Electrolux electronic washing machine, this is accompanied by problems starting the unit. After selecting all the program options and clicking on the start button, nothing happens. Water is not collected, although a characteristic noise can be heard. The drum does not rotate, knocks out a fault code.

Error E90 means that there is a problem in the connection between the control board and the display module. In most cases, this is precisely the malfunction that requires the intervention of the service center.

Can I reset myself?

If the error appears for the first time, it may be due to a temporary software failure. It occurs due to voltage fluctuations. This problem is fixed by restarting the washer. It must be disconnected from the network, let it stand for 10-15 minutes, and then turn it on again.

What damage can be?

If the E90 error does not disappear after a reboot, then there really is a problem. This code reports a number of faults:

Breaking Causes How to eliminate
The error is knocked out immediately after turning on the machine. Washing does not start. Burnout of tracks or failure of the control board processor. Re-soldering tracks. If the problem is in the processor, replace the control board.
EEPROM memory failure. Flashing the control module.
The error flashes immediately after turning on the washer in the network. Damage to the display module. Repair or installation of a new display module.
Damaged wiring / contacts. Restoration, replacement of the wiring loop.

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