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E67 Error in a Bosch washing machine

Bosch washing machines equipped with electronic displays inform the user of a fault by displaying a specific code. It looks like a short collection of letters and numbers. When showing it to the owner, it is enough to look at the instructions and understand what the problem is. Although some codes can have multiple meanings at the same time. The appearance of the error code E67 on the display means that a failure or breakdown of the control module has occurred. This element is also called a block or board. If such a code appears on the display, it means that the washing will not start until the malfunction is fixed. At the same time, the washing machine does not respond to button presses.

Causes and signs of an error.

The control module rarely breaks down, but if it does, it can be caused by several negative factors. Most often, he suffers from high humidity in the room where the washing machine is located. The board may burn out due to frequent power surges or power surges. To avoid this, it is worth unplugging the washer from the network when it is not working. Failure of the control module is also provoked by blown capacitors, triggers or fuses. A breakdown can also occur through the fault of the owner if he randomly presses different buttons on the control panel. Another reason is wiring problems. When the error code E67 appears, this is usually accompanied by the following phenomena:

Flashing indicators. They can glow randomly.

  • Washing does not start, regardless of the selected mode, or stops in the middle of the cycle.
  • Water is constantly drawn in and immediately drained again.
  • The electric motor does not work stably, rotates either at a slow or at a fast pace. It can start, but the drum, at the same time, will remain in place.
  • The washing machine does not react in any way to the selection of programs or pressing the buttons.

These signs can also indicate other breakdowns. The control module is the most expensive and complex element of the unit. Therefore, before calling the wizard, you need to make sure that it is faulty.

How to diagnose and fix an error

When the code E67 appears on the display, the first thing to do is to restart the washing machine. Perhaps there was a software failure, and after restarting the error will disappear. You need to turn off the washer and turn it off for 15-20 minutes, and then turn it on again. If the code still appears, you need to make sure that the reason is really in the board. Perhaps the wires or some contacts just moved away or frayed. If everything is in order with them, then you will have to change the control module. With a working processor, the masters simply reflash it. In some cases, the board will need to be replaced.

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