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E3 error in the LG washing machine

If you see an E3 error on the display of an LG washing machine, you are in an extraordinary situation. Unfortunately, this fault code is rarely knocked out because specialists need more practice eliminating it. Instead, the wash stops when it appears and cannot start again.

Error E3 means that the washing machine does not correctly determine the load. Before calling the wizard, there is a way to try to handle this yourself.

Open the door and look at the laundry inside the machine. If it is lumped together, spread it evenly over the entire drum. Pull out a few things, and there may have been an overload. Restart the washing program, unplug it for a few minutes, and then turn it on again.

Cases, where all these actions did not help are sporadic. As a rule, this indicates a breakdown of the control module. It needs to be soldered or replaced.