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E23, F23 Error in Bosch washing machine

E23 or F23 is not found in all models of washing machines. It means the operation of the leakage protection sensor located in the pan. It is also called the Aqua stop system or function.

How to fix it yourself

The appearance of such a code does not always mean a malfunction. If it appeared on the display of an electronic machine, this may be the result of a leak, which is easy to fix on your own, for example:

  • Water leaking inside that accidentally fell on the washing machine (for example, a boiler located on top dripped),
  • Abundant formation of foam due to the characteristics of the washing powder - getting inside, it settles, as a result, leaks can also occur,
  • Poor-quality powder, incorrect dosage of both it and other detergents - they are not washed out completely, therefore they gradually settle on the walls,
  • Washing porous clothes - if there are such things in the machine, a lot of foam forms in them, it settles, and water appears inside,
  • The dispenser is clogged because the water pours over the edge.

Leaks can also occur due to improper location of the drain filter, or when it is not completely closed or cannot be closed for some reason.

Most of these phenomena can be eliminated by temporarily turning off the machine. Leave it to dry for 10-15 minutes, and then try to start again. If error E23 or F23 still appears, this indicates a breakdown.

What can be faults?

The list of problems resulting from this error is quite wide.

Manifestations Malfunction elimination
Operation of the Aquastop system. The drain pump is working, but water is visible under the pan of the machine and an error is knocked out. Water flows. The leak gives a branch pipe, a pump, a filter, and other elements of the system. Finding a leak and fixing it.
Cuff damage. Installing a new cuff.
Faulty components in the Aqua stop system. Wiring check. As a result, repair or replace damaged parts.
The error appears before or during the water supply. There is no liquid in the tray. Faulty heating element or heating element. Installation of a new heating element.
Payment difficulties. Soldering or replacing damaged board elements. Sometimes you must change it completely.
The pump runs continuously, but there is no water in the sump. Failure of Aquastop. The most vulnerable part is the microswitch. Restoration of the Aquastop system.
During operation or spinning, there is a strong noise, roar. Then the error code E23 or F23 lights up. If you disassemble the unit, leaks are noticeable on the body. Bearing defective. Installing a new bearing.

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