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E21, F21 Error in a Bosch washing machine

If, after starting the washing machine and starting the water intake cycle, it suddenly stops and error code E21 or F21 appears on the display, it means that the self-diagnosis system reports a malfunction. This usually happens after enough water has accumulated, and the drum should begin to rotate. But it does not spin or budge, but very slowly.

For electromechanical models, this problem is manifested by the flashing of the spin indicators, indicating the number of revolutions, and at the same time rinsing. When code E21 or F21 appears, you need to unplug the machine from the network and start troubleshooting. Decoding the error - problems in the motor circuit, due to which the drum does not rotate at all or rotates jerkily.

How to fix it yourself

First, you should try to deal with the problem on your own. Error E21 or F21 does not always specifically indicate a breakdown. You need to check:

  • Socket. Maybe she burned out.
  • Voltage. It can be unstable - this is a common situation for private homes.
  • Software module failure. Try reloading it. To do this, turn off the washer from the mains and let it stand for 10-15 minutes, then turn it on again.

But when, even after checking everything and rebooting, the error does not disappear, then the cause is really a malfunction. It is necessary to carry out more extensive diagnostics with the participation of the master.

What could be the damage?

Error F21 appears due to several malfunctions:

Manifestation Malfunction elimination
The drum does not spin, the spin mode does not start, sparks may appear. Error F21. Motor brushes. Installing new brushes.
F21 is displayed immediately after switching on. The washing program does not start. Control unit failure. Often happens after power surges in the network. Flashing the control unit chip.
F21 occurs immediately after a set of water. The drum is stationary or spins only in one direction. Control fee. Most likely, the contacts in it burned out or oxidized. After the diagnosis, the master either changes or solder the affected parts.
The drum does not spin, and an error is immediately displayed. Tachometer. It breaks due to the unscrewing of the magnet or the burnout of the coil. Repair of individual elements or installation of a new sensor.
F21 appears after a set of water, then the drum does not spin, sometimes the machine is knocked out. Engine. The main reasons are breakage, short circuit. Engine repair or replacement.
The drum rotates badly, with loud knocks, roar. A foreign object has entered the tank. Take out the foreign object.
Strong noise when spinning or not starting the mode. Bearings worn out. Installing a new seal and bearings.
F21 is displayed not every time, but from time to time. Problems with the cord or plug. Diagnostics of the wire and its components, installation of broken elements.
F21 appears every time after the start of washing. Broken wires or contacts in the motor circuit. Soldering or replacing damaged parts.

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