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E2 error in Haier washing machine

When the E2 error appears on the display of the Haier electronic washing machine, this is accompanied by the inability of the unit to start washing. The process does not start even after pressing the start button. In response, it constantly issues a fault code. But he does not always talk about a breakdown. Before calling the service center, you should try resetting the code yourself.

Error E2 means that the washing machine door is not closed or slammed shut tightly. First, try to re-open and close it harder so that you hear a characteristic click, and then press the start button again. If everything is unchanged, restart the unit. To do this, you need to disconnect it from the network, let it stand for 10-15 minutes, and then turn it on again.

What damage can be?

If after all the actions an error E2 is shown, this indicates a malfunction:

  • UBL or hatch blocking devices,
  • Contacts or wiring in the UBL chain,
  • Control boards (rare).

Such breakdowns are eliminated by an experienced specialist after diagnosis.

If you have any questions or want to call the mechanic, call us (order a call back).